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"Mendoza Way" Culture

Excellence Unleashed
Unwavering Integrity
Embrace the Challenge
Teamwork Triumphs

Elevate Your Standards

Leading by Example

Commitment to Excellence

Thrive Together


HLE Inc Culture

"In the face of challenges and obstacles, our team remains unwavering in their commitment to achieving our goals. 'We Still Working  Hardness'  embodies  our  relentless determination to overcome any adversity and continue pushing forward with dedication and resilience."

  1. Treat The Company As Your Own.

  2. Embrace The Change.

  3. Never Compromise Our Culture.

  4. The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts.

  5. Respect And Honor Your Team's Efforts And Vision.

  6. Be Humble Enough To Transform Your Weaknesses Into Strengths.

  7. Be Proud Of The Person In The Mirror.

  8. Play For The Name On The Front And Honor The Name On The Back.

  9. Make Excellence Your Flag.

  10. Your Job not Done until the job is done.



"Quality is not an act, it is a habit. At our company, we strive for excellence in everything we do, because we believe that consistently delivering high-quality work is the key to success."



"At our company, we consider ourselves a family. Just as we prioritize the quality of our work, we also prioritize the well-being and happiness of our extended work family. Quality in work and quality in relationships are the cornerstones of our success."


"At our company, safety is our top priority. We believe that every team member deserves a safe and secure work environment. We are committed to upholding the highest safety standards to protect our employees and ensure a worry-free workplace."



"At our company, we cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture. We celebrate differences, promote creativity, and encourage collaboration. Our culture is the driving force behind our innovation and success."



High  -  Light   Electric,   Inc.   was   initially established as a company that serviced   the   electrical   industry.   In   2000,   they   combined    their    resources   with   their brother      company,      Peter      &      Son’s  Construction,    Inc.    to   become    a    full  service  general  construction  company  with   specific   emphasis    on    electrical  work.    HLE     continues   to    attract    top quality  individuals  to  that  are   aligned with    the    vision   established    by   their founders,       Pedro         and         Margarita  Mendoza.  To  date,  HLE  is  still  a  family-owned    company.

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