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About HLE

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HLE is a  member  of  the following organizations:

  • National    Federation    of    Independent Businesses – NFIB

  • International Brotherhood of Labor Workers

  • Northern   and   Southern   Master   a   Labor Agreements

  • International    Brotherhood    of    Operating Engineers – Local 3 and Local 12

  • Southern      California    Contractors Association – SCCA

  • Construcion   Employers   Association – CEA


High-Light Electric, Inc. was initially established as a company that serviced   the   electrical   industry.   In   2000,   they   combined  their resources with their brother company,  Peter  &  Son’s  Construction, Inc. to become  a  full  service  general  construction  company  with specific  emphasis  on  electrical  work.  HLE  continues to attract top quality individuals to that are aligned with the vision established by their founders, Pedro  and  Margarita  Mendoza.  To date, HLE is still a family-owned  company.

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